Thursday, April 12, 2012

Crested Tzu dog (Chinese Crested/Shih Tzu)

The Crested Tzu is a mix between a Chinese Crested and a Shih Tzu purebreds. They are called hybrid dogs. The characteristics of the Crested Tzu can be determind by studying the parent breeds.

A comparative study of the parent breeds shows that the Crested Tzu dogs are small size dogs having a height not more than 13 inches and weighing around 15 pounds. They are alert, cheerful and loving dogs. They can be found in different colours having different types of coats.

These dogs are loving and cheerful dogs that are good with children and should make good family pets.


The Crested Tzu dogs are found in a few colours like black, brown and white.

Their coat depends on whether they inherit hairless trait or powderpuff trait from Chinese Crested parent breed. If they inherit hairless trait, these hybrids will have hair only on head and ears. On the other hand, if they inherit powderpuff trait, they will have silky and fine hair all over their body.

The Crested Tzu dogs are very loving and affectionate dogs. Both parent breeds of these hybrids are good to children and they are not different either. They are cheerful and loving dogs who are eager to please the owner. These dogs are very good companion and family dogs.

They may show stubborn streak occassionally but can be dealt with consistant training and food rewards. They are social dogs who get along well with other pets and dogs. They are generally good with guests although need to be trained from puppyhood to be social.

They make good companion dogs for elderly people as well.

If the Crested Tzu is hairless type, they would require sunscreen when going out in the sun.

If they are powderpuff type, they may need freequent grooming and regular brushing.

Not very difficult to train, these hybrids may show stubborn behaviour sometimes. This can be dealt with consistant training sessions accompanied by food rewards.

They need moderate level of exercises. A daily walk or playing session in the yard should take care of their exercise needs. They are difficult to housetrain.