Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What You Must Know to Keep Your Pug Dog Healthy

Pugs can make wonderful companions, but when it comes to pug dog health, there are a few things that every pug owner should be aware of. While these dogs are generally easy to care for, there are some special considerations that you will want to know about in order to keep your put happy and healthy.

Eye Care
One of the pugs most outstanding features are his eyes. Set wide and at the edge of his face, they lend him a cute expression, however they can also be prone to ulcerations because the placement of the eyes makes them easy to get "bumped". Make sure you leave a wide path for your pug around furniture and in his crate and also be sure to provide a wide food and water bowl so he does not injure his eyes when eating.

Dental Care
Like any other dog breed, good pug dog health depends on good dental care. If you do not provide this, the bacteria that accumulates on the dogs teeth can break away and run through his system causing problems with your dogs inner organs. Dogs that have good dental care will live longer lives and have less disease and their breath will smell a lot better too! Take the time to brush your pugs teeth daily and make sure your vet does a dental check each year.

Coat Care
Even though Pugs are short haired, they actually shed quite a bit. You want to make it a habit to brush your pug every 2 or 3 days. Buy a high quality brush that has stainless steel bristles and brush gently but thoroughly. During flea season, you might also want to use a flea comb.

When it comes to feeding your pug dog, you must be careful not to over feed him! Pugs are prone to obesity and being overweight can cause other problems in your dog. Just like in people, obesity can be a contributing factor in many diseases. Be sure to feed your pug a good quality food and keep the treats to a minimum.

These are the basics of pug dog health that should keep your dog fit and healthy.

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